We believe that asbestos awareness training should not just cover the dangers of asbestos and what it looks like, but also where it is in YOUR building, what YOUR policies and procedures are and WHO is responsible for managing it.

Far too often we meet tradespeople and building managers who have had asbestos awareness training but don’t understand the implications in relation to their site.  Generic, often online, awareness training ticks a box but doesn’t always get the key messages across.

Our in-house trainers get the candidates to interact with the asbestos manager for their site and understand the risks associated with the works that they are carrying out every day.  This can be catered to specific job roles too. For example, asbestos awareness training for an Estates Manager isn’t necessary the same training you would give to an electrician or a cleaner.

By making it relevant to them, we find that candidates engage better with the content and come away having a greater appreciation for how to work safely.  In our experience this leads to a reduction in near misses and exposure incidents.


Our Process

In order to understand your training needs, we will conduct a fact finding mission to understand which gaps you have. We will then tailor a bespoke training course to your exact needs. This can be carried out at your premises or a convenient location.

Adams Environmental can then provide you with the necessary skills and documentation to carry over into your role and ensure that you are fully compliant with the latest legislation.

Why use Adams Environmental for Training?

Adams Environmental has an experienced and qualified training team, who will tailor the course to your individual needs and requirements. Not only this, we will also give you practical advice on how to implement your training into the day-to-day of your job role.

  • Experienced and qualified asbestos experts delivering training
  • Work closely with clients to provide a bespoke training programme
  • Tailored to individual professions or job types
  • Effective training to ensure best practice in the workplace
  • Interactive training to ensure full understanding of the course contents
  • Conducted on-site or at a mutually convenient location

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