Our surveying department have over 30 years of industry experience guiding them when it comes to surveying your building.  Whether you require a Management or Re-inspection Survey for compliance, a project specific Refurbishment Survey or a full Demolition Survey we can provide a team of experienced and dedicated surveyors who take the necessary time to understand the building structure and identify asbestos before it could potentially be disturbed or holds up your works.

We have extensive experience with surveying listed buildings and buildings of historic interest. We work with specialist trades to carry out surveys in a way that respects these important buildings and provides the project with as much information as possible before works commence.

We also have significant experience in the education sector and understand the time constraints associated with limited building vacancy and the sensitivity of working in schools and early years.  Additionally our Project Managers are experienced in sequencing surveys in Cat A laboratories and in areas with sensitive testing equipment within the higher education arena.

Our Process

Our survey reports are designed to be user friendly for building users, project managers and tradespeople. It is our belief that to be an effective tool in mitigating risk it must be clear, easy to read and simple to understand.  In our experience the standardised output of some reports results in even a relatively straight forward building having a document running into the hundreds of pages, requiring continuous cross referencing between chapters. The Adams Environmental report format has been designed with the user in mind, taking into account feedback from our clients, UKAS and industry professionals. The result is a document that is clear, concise and easy to understand.

We have also developed a range of tools to allow for electronic asbestos register access and report access. These are particularly useful when you are managing multiple buildings or are managing multi-phase projects, but many clients also just find it a convenient way to manage their buildings asbestos compliance.

If you would like an example of our report format, or would like a quote for an asbestos survey then contact us today.

Why use Adams Environmental for Surveying?

Adams Environmental have many years experience in surveying buildings. Our expertise in this area ensures a comprehensive output for your needs and a sound understanding of both building structure and project timelines. Our reports are user friendly to ensure they are easily followed and actioned.

  • Extensive surveying experience in a range of industry arenas
  • Expertise in buildings, structures and potential asbestos locations
  • Clear and easy to follow reports based on our findings
  • Dedicated project management team to ensure satisfactory outcomes
  • Use of electronic asbestos registers to make access easy and quick
  • Client and UKAS led report structure and contents

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