Adams Environmental offer bespoke Asbestos Consultancy solutions to assist our clients with their individual needs.  Our consultants take the time to understand your requirements and expectations before delivering a detailed proposal outlining our approach and what you can expect from us.  All of our consultancy is delivered using clear and up front pricing so you know what you are getting and how much it is going to cost.

Our Process

Due Diligence – Asbestos
We can review the existing asbestos information held for a site and assess its validity, including site visits and representative re-survey if required to give you peace of mind when purchasing a site or property. We can also make comment on possible further asbestos that may be present beneath the surface to inform the planning of any refurbishment planned following exchange.

Asbestos Management – Review
We can conduct a desk-top review of your current asbestos information, including survey reports, register, risk ratings, management plan and policies and procedures.  Our independent review can prove reassuring to building users and offer advice and guidance to duty holders.

Historic Collections – Inspection and Testing
Many museums and galleries will have items within their collections that contain asbestos materials. This is most common in electronic artefacts, but also of geological collections and art pieces.  Adams Environmental can inspect, test and catalogue these items to assist the duty holder with assessing and managing the risk that these items pose. In some cases we can also manage the encapsulation or removal of the asbestos component from the artefact.

Why use Adams Environmental for Consultancy?

As a leading figure in the Asbestos Consultancy industry, we have the necessary experience and knowledge to provide your project with an optimum level of consultancy. Our expert team works closely with our clients to ensure that they are receiving best in class advice and guidance.

  • Taking time to understand your requirements
  • Understanding your expectations and the parameters that you are working to
  • Detailed proposals outlining our approach
  • Up front, clear and consistent pricing from the start
  • Desk based and on-site reviews for your convenience
  • Expertise in many different industries and markets

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