Our analysts act as an independent verification making sure that you as the client are getting back a safe workplace. During asbestos removal works it is important to conduct air monitoring to prove that works are being carried out safely and building users are not being put at risk.  Further to that, if you appoint the analyst independently then they will be your eyes and ears on site, ensuring that the asbestos removal contractor is fully compliant to all industry regulations and that works are carried out as agreed/specified.

Our team also carry out the required 4 stage clearances for licensed asbestos removal works. This is a thorough and systematic check, as required by law, that the work area has been remediated appropriately and safe to re-occupy before the areas are handed back.

Often your asbestos removal contractor will offer to appoint the analyst themselves, saving you the time and hassle.  Whilst this is perfectly legal it is not a truly impartial representative. As an analogy; if you were a student you wouldn’t be allowed to appoint the person that marked your exam paper would you?

By appointing us to provide you with a PROPERLY INDEPENDENT analyst you are following best practice and ensuring that you are achieving the desired result that you have paid for and expect.

Our Process

Adams Environmental recommend that you have an analyst on site from day 1 of any asbestos remedial works. Most asbestos contractors will agree that having input from the analyst at the enclosure design and construction stage of works enables foreseeable issues to be identified and remedied before they have an impact on the programme.

The analyst can then monitor the air for asbestos fibres throughout the works to be certain that building users are not being put at risk.  Finally, when it comes to the 4 stage clearance the analyst has a good understanding of the context of the works, resulting in a more streamlined and higher quality outcome at the end of the project.

Once the job is complete your analyst can then report to your dedicated Project Manager who can arrange for the asbestos register to be updated to take note of the works carried out, removing the additional hassle from your end.

Why use Adams Environmental for Air Monitoring?

Using Adams Environmental for your air monitoring requirements ensures an independent and impartial partner. We also understand the aspects of safe asbestos removal and will provide reassurance to you that all works are being carried out to the necessary standards.

  • Your eyes and ears on the project site throughout
  • Fully independent and impartial to ensure satisfactory delivery
  • Dedicated team based on site from Day 1
  • Thorough and systematic checking process
  • Trusted and experienced air monitoring experts
  • Intrinsic knowledge of the process to ensure quality delivery

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