Large Independent School, London

Project Description

Adams Environmental were instructed to carry out a management survey of the school estate, offering advice and assistance with regard to any asbestos requiring remediation. We have worked with the school to draft an effective and user friendly asbestos management plan.

Survey works were carried out during holiday periods over 12 months, with all works needing to be carried out in a safe and sensitive manner to prevent raising unnecessary alarm. The client was kept informed of areas of work, programme and findings on a daily basis.

Refurbishment asbestos surveys are undertaken by Adams Environmental in any areas where refurbishment work is planned, the work is generally carried at project planning phase to enable any remediation timescales and costs to be fully budgeted.

Asbestos remediation works are organised by the school and Adams Environmental Project Managers, against detailed asbestos remediation specifications produced by ourselves on behalf of the school. Licensed contractor tender returns are then assessed, with findings presented to the school accompanying the costs for the works.

Adams Environmental undertake re-inspections on an annual basis and present bespoke asbestos awareness training to all relevant maintenance, teaching and management staff.


London, England

Large Independent School, London