Large City Centre Hotel, London

Project Description

Adams Environmental were instructed to carry out a full refurbishment survey prior to the refurbishment of the hotel guest areas on all floor levels including reception and lobby.

The survey works were carried out whilst the hotel remained in use, meaning surveys needed to be carried out in a safe and sensitive manner to prevent raising unnecessary alarm. The operational functionality of the hotel was also managed effectively by the survey project team through effective communication from the Adams Environmental team, which was essential for project success.

The client was kept informed of areas of work, the survey programme and asbestos findings on a daily basis at the ‘daily debrief’. Reporting of findings were presented in a simple usable format, as the hotel transformed from a theatre stay hotspot to a construction site on a floor by floor basis.

Following issue of the survey findings, Adams Environmental were responsible for managing the asbestos removal works within project areas. The works involved liaising with the project team to determine how asbestos findings impacted the refurbishment project. The Adams Environmental Project Manager produced remedial specifications and fully briefed licensed asbestos removal contractors prior to remediation works commencing. Upon completion of works, Adams analytical team carried out 4 Stage Clearances of each enclosure prior to re-occupation and refurbishment works commencing.

The works above were undertaken over a continuous 3 year period during which the hotel was able to remain in use throughout. Only relevant sections were closed whilst construction (and associated asbestos removal works) were undertaken. Adams Environmental were responsible for ensuring that the works were undertaken in a safe and considerate manner for the duration of the project, then formulating a residual register at project completion.

Client feedback was that the Adams Environmental survey and analytical teams delivered the project successfully in a planned and controlled manner, and we continue to work as the hotel’s asbestos consultant.


London, England

Large City Centre Hotel, London