Her Majesty’s Theatre, London

Project Description

Adams Environmental have been successfully assisting the LW Theatres Group with their asbestos management since 2013. Her Majesty’s Theatre has been the home of the ‘Phantom of the Opera’ production for over 30 years without break, which has limited any significant project work in the building.

With the closure of the theatre due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, this provided an opportunity for the theatre to upgrade the Iron Curtain (fire curtain) separating the stage from the auditorium.

As asbestos materials formed an integral part of the fire curtain, this was an ideal opportunity to remove the fire curtain and remove any residual asbestos risk associated with the curtain from the building. Given the scale of the curtain, it was quite an engineering undertaking to be coordinated with associated asbestos remedial works. Adams Environmental were involved from works coordination , specification and analytical support providing an end to end service.


London, England

Her Majesty’s Theatre, London