Dyson Building, Imperial College, London

Project Description

Dyson Building came into Imperial College’s portfolio in 2016, upon purchase the various buildings that now make up the Dyson Building footprint were subject to major refurbishment works.  Adams Environmental having fulfilled the incumbent Asbestos Management Consultancy role since 1996 were tasked with completing the building wide Asbestos Refurbishment Survey.  Significant amounts of asbestos items were identified within the building and Adams Environmental were charged with compiling an Asbestos Removal specification and completing site walks with Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors to price for the Asbestos Removal works.

Asbestos Removal works were phased and took place over a 6-month period, Adams Environmental completed all the associated air monitoring works for this project and continued with Asbestos Management support for the duration.  The works were complex and challenging but on completion of the Asbestos Removal works all medium and high-risk Asbestos Materials had been removed and only 3 low risk asbestos items remain in the entire building.

Following the Asbestos Removal works a major refurbishment project was undertaken and in 2018 on completion of these works the Dyson School of Design Engineering Department moved in.


London, England

Imperial College, London