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Are you fully compliant?

Are you fully compliant?

Most organisations believe that they are compliant with their duty to manage asbestos but surprisingly few actually are. To help with this this we have put together a short guide to help you get that A* on your next audit.

Who is responsible?

First things first, who in your organisation is responsible for asbestos? The Control of Asbestos Regulations (2012) say that the duty holder is the owner of the non-domestic premises or the person or organisation that has clear responsibility for the maintenance or repair.

The duty holders may appoint a person (Asbestos Manager) or an organisation (Management Company) to manage asbestos on their behalf, however they cannot pass on their responsibility under the regulations. Whoever is responsible for asbestos should be suitably trained and experienced.

Does my property contain asbestos?

In order to manage asbestos in your building or portfolio you first need to find out if you have any. A trained and experienced asbestos surveyor, preferably from a UKAS accredited organisation such as Adams Environmental, can help you with this.

Your asbestos survey report will contain the Asbestos Register. This will itemise any asbestos materials within your building, including the location, extent, condition, surface treatment, lab analysis, floor plans and photos. You should also have a Materials, Priority and Risk score rating.

I have an asbestos register. Am I compliant?

Not yet. You are also required to have an Asbestos Management Plan. This document outlines how you manage asbestos within your buildings, including:

• Who is responsible for managing asbestos.
• The asbestos register.
• Plans for work on asbestos materials.
• How often your will re-inspect the asbestos materials.
• How you inform people about your decisions.

What is a re-inspection?

A re-inspection is a regular check on the condition of your asbestos materials to make sure they are still in good condition and are safe to building occupants. We recommend that you have this carried out annually but some high risk items may require more regular checks. Adams Environmental can help you with this and set up reminders for when your next re-inspection is due.

I manage multiple properties. How can I manage all of these documents and re-inspection dates?

Adams Environmental can set you up with a digital Asbestos Management Portal that will host all of your asbestos information and remind you when compliance tasks are due. Get in touch with us today to set one up.

Anything else?

Remember if you are carrying out refurbishment or demolition works then you should consider further survey works to uncover asbestos hidden within the structure of the building.

You should also consider Asbestos Awareness Training for any staff involved in managing asbestos or doing maintenance within your buildings.

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