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Why the future of Asbestos Management is digital

When I started in asbestos consultancy things were pretty straight forward, we provided each client with hard copy documentation to meet their legal obligations. A printed copy of the asbestos register and accompanying asbestos management plan was supplied and duly kept in reception or the maintenance office, where anyone doing work would come and take a look as required.  Occasionally a contractor would accidentally walk off with it, although more often than not it would be ignored or mis-understood. That’s the reality of how almost everyone did things.

Fast forward a decade there is a an obvious need for change. CDM requirements and enhanced risk assessing means that often contractors want access to the asbestos register before they attend site. Whilst you can send them a PDF copy of the last report, in many cases this document will be out of date and will not encompass the latest improvement works, R&D survey or removals. Historic reports (especially for large buildings) can be lengthy, unwieldy and include hundreds of pages of tables and photos resulting in a hefty file size (and a pretty much unusable report).

With more and more staff working remotely or flexibly, there is a greater need to have access to asbestos information wherever you may be working.  You may need to check the register, share with contractors, issue to site staff or update records following recent works. In current conditions this could all be required whilst working from your kitchen table whilst trying to remove the cat from your keyboard.

At Adams Environmental we understand these challenges and offer all of our clients the option of a Digital Asbestos Register, courtesy of our online Airtable portal.  Your asbestos register can be viewed at the click of a button, along with photos, floor plans and any air test reports or certificates.  There is even a handy mobile app to check the register on the go. Our system allows for the barcoding* of each asbestos item, making checking the register even easier. This has been proven to reduce risk of accidental damage to asbestos and prevent potential human exposure.

Our digital register system has been successfully adopted by several UK universities, theatre ownership groups, hotels and numerous property managers across the UK. The system is extremely affordable, easy to use and flexible to our clients requirements For a free demonstration of asbestos management done #theadamsway get in touch with us today.

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